Jordan Cane today launched his new logo and website, in conjunction with his partners at Twelfthman and Hayden-Media.

“Above anything else Jordan's progress is determined by success on the track. The chequered flag is one constant symbol of achievement throughout this journey. Preparation. Training. Effort. Dedication. Progress. The chequered flag defines Jordan's racing spirit in his quest to be number 1. (#2bn1)
An iconic and minimal application allows the identity to grow as Jordan's career progresses, whilst avoiding trends to remain timeless. The logo also remains abstract enough to not be exclusively 'motor racing'.”
“I’m delighted with the designs that Twelfthman came to me with.  It’s a sharp logo and a logo that won’t age over the coming years.  Likewise, my website looks fantastic and is another step towards the professionalism I want to have in everything I do around my racing career.”
Jordan Cane