2018 Season

With the 2018 season almost upon us, Jordan was asked how his plans were developing, following on from his comments at the end of 2017.

One very exciting development is that he will now be joining Fortec Motorsport, one of the top rated teams in motor-sport, who have helped to develop the careers of many talented drivers over the years.  It means that Jordan will now form part of the Formula Renault scene as a result of the Fortec Motorsport deal.

“The tests abroad went well and I think we met expectations, with these being only my first couple of days in the car, and learning the new tracks on top of that.  Certainly a lot was learnt from these tests that I will take with me into the season.”

One of the advantages of racing in Formula Renault is that it forms part of an international programme of events, with perhaps the race at Monte Carlo the major event of the year.  “One of the races this season,” Jordan explained, “will be during the F1 weekend at Monaco.  Although the Monaco race weekend is the only one we run alongside F1, we will also share race weekends with the Blancpain GT series and World Endurance Championship!”


Sponsorship in motor-sport will never be enough, but where Jordan is concerned, he understands that his race-winning success in the last couple of years, has meant his name has become a known commodity.  “I’m very grateful to be able to race at the level I’m at, and know that there’s a lot more people out there that don’t have the opportunity I do/will have.  Obviously getting sponsorship is very hard, but I feel I’m proving my worth as a driver, despite not having as much funding as the guys in the top teams.  These performances have helped me to get to Formula Renault and I plan to make the same impressions on track this year to further my career.”

In the meantime Jordan aims to keep his hand in by testing in some other sports cars whilst the Renault test ban is in place.

And karting, which started Jordan on his career path? “To be honest I don’t have any plans to get back in a go kart as it’s very different. I personally would rather spend time on the simulator.”

The Jordan Cane vision for the future continues with a very mature approach.